Friday, 20 November 2015

Weekly wrap up 11/20/15

This week has been all about football!  We received free football tickets to see the St. Louis Rams this past Sunday.  We figured we better go as next year there may not be a football team in St. Louis!  The kids and I have never been to a live football game so we were excited (well maybe not Firedrake who thinks all sports are boring). In addition to getting free tickets MarioFan was lucky enough to met the St Louis Rams Punter Johnny Hekker!  He was very sweet at the children's gym class where we met him and allowed the kids to take pictures!

MarioFan was very excited to met a Football player although it doesn't show like it here:)

We didn't have the best seat at the football but who can complain when it is free right?

We were in the nosebleed section but we could see the entire field

MarioFan was asking lots of questions about the game and as long as he had food he paid pretty good attention to the game.  However once the food was gone he lost interest and we left at half time:)  At least the Rams scored while we were there and we later heard they won the game:)  MarioFan loved seeing Johnny Rekker on the field and cheer loudly for a good kick!

Firedrake is not a sports fan and chose to spend the entire time drawing:)  

We have moved on to begin learning about the Industrial revolution that happened in America.  We are looking at the very fast pace changes that occurred in the mid 1800's.  This past week we learned about the Transcontinental railroad.
Some of our resources.  Plus we are watching videos 
As we continue to learn about the railroads and the impact on the new nation we are adding it to our poster.  I also found a poem about the building of the railroad which we added to the poster!

We have been taking a look of at the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution and made a poster to jot down our thoughts to help us remember that what going on in that time period and it will also be a guide line to what we will be learning about in the next few weeks!

Thats our week in a glance!  Hope you had a good week too


  1. Not a Rams fan...but would've loved to have gone to a pro football game !! How fun!! Our kids are the same way though, as long as there are snacks, they are

  2. Oh Wow, we are big NFL fans here and would love to go to a game in the US. Last year we went along to one of the London Wembley games which was really cool. I'll have to show my husband your photos he will love them.

  3. You have such interesting adventure that are fun to read. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! Sending hugs your way~