Friday, 13 November 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 11-13-15

We belong to an amazing homeschool group!  Recently however one of the leaders lost their child very suddenly at the beginning of the year. The homeschool group remembered this amazing young man on his birthday this month.  This is the first time my kids have ever heard of someone dying that they know so we have had lots of discussions about it.  Holding this memorial for Jessie at the coop help many of the kids cope and it certainly did for my kids. Many activities were planned
Jessie favorite color was red and he loved releasing balloons into the air, so it was one of the activities planned. Don't worry the balloons are made of cornstarch as well as the string and it is environmentally friendly:)

Inside the balloon was Jessie's favorite bible verse and should anyone find this balloon there is a number to contact our homeschool community

His older brother made a video about Jessie and his amazing love of life

Over a 160 balloons were released this day 

Many of the kids wore red to show support for Jessie

ON the count of 3 all the balloons were released and we yelled Happy Birthday to Jessie

Then we watched the balloons float away!

It was heard not to choke up watching the balloons float away

His mother, one of the group leaders put up an memorial table and the kids could sign a book or draw a picture to remember Jessie.

Jessie was able to donate several organs to other people which I know made his family very happy 

lots of memories for Jessie's family.  
This mother is a dedicated homeschool leader in our community and I know many people were so worried she may not feel comfortable coming back to the community.  However she has decided to return and we were all thrilled to see her again after her time off and were able to talk to her about her wonderful son and how much we all miss him.  It has been a hard week for all but also a sweet way to remember such a remarkable young man and in turn be there for his family while they mourned the loss of their youngest child.

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  1. This was a heartfelt post. I think it is so awesome the way everyone showed such love to this young man that lost his life. I can't imagine losing a child but I do know that this event i am sure helped that family in so many ways. Blessings and hugs for all!