Monday, 1 June 2015

Homeschool Planner review

I received an opportunity to review a Homeschool Planner called the "Unplanner" by Tavia who blogs over at the Unplanned Homeschooler  .  I have tried several planners in my seven years of homeschooling and have never found one I like, mainly because most have endless topics and pages of things that need to be filled out and it just frightens me looking at them!  I usually start them but after a month give up because I am spending so much time planning every aspect of my daily life that I become overwhelmed!  I need a planner that focuses solely on homeschooling and nothing else!  Dare I say it, I don't need inspirational/biblical quotes, and meal planning pages etc... in my homeschooling planner!  The Unplanner is right up my alley, simple and to the point with no additional pages of fluff! YEAH!!!

The unplanner cost $6.49 and you can customize for up to six students and covers 13 months starting in July and ending in July perfect for those of us who homeschool year round, like me!   I received the PDF version for this review but the purchase unplanner according to Tavia blog is professionally bound in a convenient 6x9 inch paperback, perfectly sized to toss in your bag and carry with you wherever you go.

The planner consists of 4 major sections that have introduction pages to each section to explain how to use the sections.  The sections include Attendance,  calendar (to record your appt or the crazy schedule that your kids keep LOL), curriculum planning/review, and learning adventures (otherwise known as Field trips)! 

The only thing that I need to add is a Book reading log, since I do like to keep track of what my kiddo are reading!

If you are looking for a simple, easy to record Homeschool planner that is focused just on your homeschooling needs this may be the planner for you!  Go to The Homeschool Unplanner to purchase your copy

I received a PDF version of this planner for free and all opinions and thoughts are mine and are freely given based on what I thought of the planner:) under my review!

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  1. I loved your review on this one and will send your link to my daughter. She may be interested in it.
    Hugs for this one~