Thursday, 4 June 2015

Birthday Boy

MarioFan is turning 11 this week!  Oh my goodness how time flies.  There have been so many new opportunities for our son this year as he continues to expand his wings and try new things
He did so well in 3 coop classes this year earning A's in all his classes.  This has been his first time attending a class taught by someone other than me!

He is always eager to try new things

He participated in his first play and had a fairly large role.  He remember all his lines and did amazing!

Helped run the JA biz town bake sale to raise money for the food shelter in the city.  He really does his best to help out

Attended his first concert---his Dad and sister are HUGE Rush Fans 

He even made it thru most of the concert without wearing his ear protectors!

But he is still a young boy who got worn out and needed a place for quiet!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful boy.  You give your Father and I so much joy and happiness.  We love you tons!



  1. Happy Birthday to that awesome son of yours. You should be proud of all of his accomplishments this year. I love that he did so many awesome things and especially the service.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope he has a great day. Hannah just turned 11 as well :-)