Friday, 13 March 2015

Weekly wrap up -- more like a month:)

I didn't mean to take a blogging break  but life got busy and finding time to climb on the computer proved to be a challenge!  My husband was out of town on a 2 week business trip and I didn't have my trusted partner to help with the everyday chores of caring for kids and running a house so I simply had to cut something out of my day and blogging was it. so here is a run down of our life over the past month and what we have been up to!
It never fails we always get our biggest snow fall of the year when my husband is out of town.  The dog seemed to enjoy eating the snow!

My poor children were shocked that they had to help shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. 

I promised pizza delivery if they completed with minimum complaining.  Thankfully Pizza Hut was still delivering that day!

We had two days of snowing so the kids made a batch of snow ice cream!  

I sewed a couple of handling bags for the Hedge Hog-Sonic

I am also switiching from using aspen chips to fleece lining in his cage in the hopes to minimize the mess he creates .  I got this idea from one of the hedge hog Facebook groups I am in!

Took the kids to a reptile show

Firedrake really wants a pet snake...that is so NOT going to happen while she lives at home

She also wants a pet tarantula...can you believe they sell these things for over  $100.   This is also never gonna be a pet in my house!

Less than two week after our major snow storm the weather was back in the 60's.  We had cabin fever so we took a day to visit the zoo and it was wonderful to have a picnic and not having to wear our thick winter coats!

Zoo was packed as it appeared the entire city had the idea to get out of the house this day.

Spring can't come soon enough for us!  We are still working on school and I have a few posts coming up what we have been accomplishing as well as some field trips we have taken.


  1. A week filled with animals is a good week. We had a lot snow, too.

  2. A week filled with animals is a good week. We had a lot snow, too.

  3. Seems no kids like chores, lol! I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap UP.

  4. We went to the zoo this week, too. It was...a zoo! Everyone wanted to get out and enjoy the nice weather :)
    Have a great week!

  5. I'm stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. It always seems like the crazy stuff happens when Dad is out of town.