Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Studying the Heart and the Circulatory System

We are continuing with our Human body study and have been learning about the Heart and the circulatory system.  I have included a few resources that we found to enhance our learning of this topic

We are using the book Science Explorer -- our human body as our main resource but have use you tube videos and other resources to pull together this unit study 
Kids taking each other's blood pressure

Building a model heart...I found this at the science museum we visited a while ago

and learning the parts of the heart

looking at slides to identify red and white blood cells

examining our human skeleton to understand the  way the heart and circulatory system works and how the blood travels to and from the heart

dissecting a sheep's heart

kids were a little squeamish at first but then really got into sticking their fingers into the arteries and heart chambers

using our science tools to locate the arteries and veins and which chambers of the heart they entered

we watched several you tube videos to get a better understanding of what we were seeing 

Even the dog enjoyed it:) 

I found a game on Pay Teachers.com that was labeled high school science on the heart and circulatory system.  I purchased it and it allowed me to type up some of my own questions and answers relating to the circulatory system.  However I was very pleased that the kids were able to answer many of the questions provided already.  

This is another game I found for free on the internet.  You can access the game here!

It is a great game to emphasize how the blood system works carrying O2, CO2, waste, protein/sugar to all the parts of the body.  The rules are simple so it is a fairly fast game to play.  The hardest part is assembling and cutting out all the pieces.

That is our unit study on the heart and circulatory system.  We are now moving on to the Respiratory system!