Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Making fabric covered bulletin boards craft

This craft I did with my daughter and we made some bulletin boards for some friends for Christmas.

I went to the hardware store and purchase 2 large ceiling tiles.

using the utility knife I cut them into quarters...I also cut off the small lip around the sides.  These boards are very easy to cut though they are approximately 12 by 12 but can be cut to be any size and shape you like

to pad the boards we used quilt batting

you can use any fabric and no need to worry about ironing the fabric as it will be pulled straighter

layer the fabric, batting and tile board on top of each other as above.  

Using a staple gun wrap and staple the fabric around your board, pulling tightly

fold corners to minimize lumps and gathering...it is really trial and error

Next decide what kind of ribbon you wish to use to accent your board
once you decide a pattern staple the ribbon onto the back of the board

It is best to have the ribbon cross over and under other ribbons when you can...remember to add a ribbon to hang the bulletin board up with

the finish board.  you can use thumb tacks to post notes on the board or just tuck your notes under one of the ribbons

On a different board my daughter added buttons to the ribbons

Three of the bulletin boards made for friends for Christmas presents


  1. Remarkably similar to reupholstering dining chairs! Beautiful and very useful finished products. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the awesome tutorial on how to make the bulletin board. These would make great gifts.
    Blessings are wished for you all~