Friday, 6 February 2015


I just have to show off the kids Dioramas that they made for their Spanish coop!  They worked for two weeks on their projects.  The project assignment was to create a room and then label in spanish the room

MarioFan created a grown up bedroom scene

We repurposed some items from the Spanish plays we have done in the past with our old Spanish tutor such as the red lamp shade used was a bowl at one time:)  MarioFan drew and colored in the bookshelves.  He even lined the box with fabric as he wanted wall paper in his room!

He added a TV and colored one of his favorite TV shows on it...Mythbusters:)  I think the scene is of something blowing up!

Firedrake chose to create two rooms -- a living room and a bedroom -- she even made a ladder but it is suppose to be stairs:)!

The living room includes a sofa, fireplace, TV, coffee table and a game table with chairs!
She even included a pet cat and firewood in the fireplace!
She also included a ceiling fan!

The bedroom included a desk and a art easel!  She wanted the bedroom to be for a smaller child!

 I help a little, mainly gluing things down with a hot glue gun.  If the kids had an idea but were stuck on how to build it, we brainstormed together until they liked it but they were responsible for filling in the details!


  1. I am so impressed with what your children did on this project.
    Blessings and hugs for them!