Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Finland unit study

The kids just finished their first country study of the year!  I thought I would show you some of the activities we did to learn about Finland.  While living in England we tried to get to Lapland as we wanted to see the Northern lights but alas we ran out of time and money but we hope to get there one day.

We are also using a new Geography program with a review coming soon!

We checked this book out from the library and learned about the  country.  Using this book we heard about the Sisu which means courage and determination of the Finnish people.  We also read about the Talkoot which means Community work.  We learned about the history of Finland and how they have became a economic success!  We also looked at maps and wrote notebook pages on the country as we have done in previous country studies.

We read that every Thursday around the country it is split Pea soup day  and I tried my best to talk the family into  making that for our country meal but that was a no go for my husband.  So instead we made  Kanavtuli (chicken with rice) along with Rye bread
Finnish Cardamon cookies and learned this was the third  most expansive spice in the world...but those cookies were so good!!!
Finnish Blueberry pie...the pie crust reminded me of the crusts used in the UK, much sweeter than US pie crust and it was very good!

Next the kids and I read that paper and wood crafts are very poplar in Finland so we tried our hand at making Finnish stars.  We read that these often top Christmas trees in Finland 

First the kids measured out 3/4 inches along yardstick paper.  we all chose two different colors for our stars.
Next they cut out their paper strips

We made two of these to get started with our stars.  it is best to tack down each of  the overlaying papers  to each other to make building easier!

Next we twisted the corners for each set

So they looked like this we held the ends together with glue dots but eventually had to staple to keep them from pulling apart. Faster drying glue may have worked better if you have it on hand!

Next you take the two pieces and place them on top of each other lining the twisted ends up with the single paper and thread it through as above picture shows.  Pulling the single strand a little tighter will bring the two pieces of star a little closer 

Carefully cut the edges  for a sharp point 

like this 

Add string and you now have a Finnish star--MarioFan's star

Firedrake's star 

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  1. The Finnish stars turned out beautiful! What a fun craft. I love the idea that on a particular day of the week, across an entire nation, soup is customary.