Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween cooking

The kids have always enjoyed having a small Halloween party where they plan on cooking lots of spooky but yummy Halloween treats.  We missed this last year as we moved and didn't know anyone to invite but this year we had a few folks we have met and again resume our Halloween tradition.  The kids spent several days hunting thru cookbooks and magazines looking for special recipes that they could create and serve at their party.

My Mom sent the kids a Brain Jello mold several years ago and it is a favorite to bring out and make brain jello
We added some plastic bugs to the jello

Both kids took turns turning chocolate covered pretzels into skeleton or ghost faces depending how you see it.
Kids added M&M's for eyes and placed a cranberry in the mouth.

They made red velvet cupcakes
We found some candy knives at the store and added a bit of red frosting with a knife  at the center

Next they created bugcookies 
We found some candy eyes we could add to the face

My mother sent the kids a pumpkin mold and we made rice krispy pumpkins
and decorated them

We made a fabulous cheese dip
Definitely saving this recipe for use on other occasions it was tasty:)
I made a sloppy Joe Jack o' lantern pie
We made a lovely green slime punch that tasted very good

Our decorated table waiting for our guests to arrive
The kids decorated some pumpkins for the party--I have had these  funny face pieces for years and the kids still enjoy using them:)

We had a fun get together, although a few invitees ended up sick and couldn't make it :(  But don't worry the family manage to devour the left overs over the weekend.


  1. Oh, i love this tradition. it all looked so yummy. i love that you have the kids so involved with the whole process. Really an awesome Halloween party i would say.
    Blessings and hugs for all!

  2. WOW o WOW! I love all of your hard work...the brain jello is amazing, the punch, those clever cupcakes...WOW!!!!!!