Friday, 31 October 2014

skeletal joints and activities

The kids and I are continuing with our human anatomy lessons in science and have completed learning about the various joints of the body.  Some of the activities we did for this unit are:
Watched several videos on the skeletal systems and joint movement

Next we looked at some chicken bones and tried to identify what type of joint it might be
We got out some sculpty clay and made a model of  each type of joint.  This is the saddle joint of the thumb
Firedrake creating a ball and sock joint

MarioFan creating a hinge joint

I made some labeled index cards and found pictures for each joint and we discussed the location and movement of each joint

 Next it was time for some fun activities that I found on pinterest
making a candy spinal cord
Who doesn't love eating their science projects:)

We also made a larger spine to keep in the school room

Originally we used string to represent the nerves but then we went back and changed it since it was hard to see

We will be going back to this  model when we study the nervous system later in the year.
We are now moving on to study and learn about the muscular system of the body!


  1. I especially love the clay joints! Great projects!!

  2. I love how you make the lessons so interactive with projects. I am assuming that your children have great retention in the things they study because you do this so well.
    Blessings for you all~