Monday, 6 October 2014

Fish boil

While we were on vacation in Wisconsin we did a local custom of attending a fish boil.  This we were told is unique to the area, begun in 1961 by a local restaurant and it has become a huge success.  The fish used is the whitefish which is a mild tasting fish that is caught locally.  Many restaurants in the area hold weekly or even daily fish boils.

There were several sitting at this restaurant and prior to your meal you could observe the boil and learn about the history of this unique experience

The boil includes red potatoes, and sweet onions.
And chopped pieces of whitefish

After the potatoes and onions are added to the hot water large quantities of salt is added

More wood is added to the fire 
We were told wood was added and removed from the large pot to help regulate the temperature of the water
The fish is added and while it is cooked the oils of the fish comes to the surface of the water.

A bell is rung to let the patrons know the big event is coming up!

In order to remove the oil from the water the last stage of the process is to throw kerosine onto the fire so the water boils over and it makes for a great show:)

Then the fish, potatoes and onions are lifted out of the pot

Dinner is served and it was excellent 

Topped off with a slice of cherry pie
We had a fun time learning about this custom in Wisconsin and should be ever go back to visit would love to attend another fish boil!


  1. That was totally interesting and it looked fun. The food looked yummy. What a great town tradition.