Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Coop Classes begin

So we have started attending Coop classes and so far things are going well.  Both kids are adjusting to having a different teacher and I am adjusting to letting go of the control of doing all the teaching.  This coop is held in a church but while some kids are in class the cafeteria is used for siblings to socialize or study.  One the very first day MarioFan found some kids playing Pokemon and asked them to show him how to play.

Since this is the first time my youngest has ever been in class I am sitting in with him during the first few classes to make sure he manages the class room setting.  He is easily distracted so I wasn't sure how he would manage dealing with other children.  So far he is doing great!
My little boy sitting behind a school desk for the very first time!  

He was given the job of cleaning off the chalkboard!  

Firedrake on the other hand wants nothing to do with me being anywhere near her while she attends her classes.  However on the first day I escorted her to class and I sneaked a quick picture of her sitting at her desk and she was annoyed at me:)...I was later told I was embarrassing her.  So now I stay away and she is making friends and so far managing to get to each of her classes on time.

While the schedule of coop is really putting me under enormous scheduling pressure the kids are enjoying their classes and  getting to have more social time with kids of varying ages which has been lacking this past year.

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  1. Sola just started getting into Pokemon! Firedrake looks very annoyed! It's that age! What types of classes are your kids taking there? We're not doing a co-op this year. I don't know if we will next year or not. The one near us just doesn't offer much that we don't already get somewhere else, but better (i.e. they offer drama, but we already do homeschool drama at a drama school). The other co-ops that I know of are extremely Christian and though some of my friends don't mind fudging a declaration of faith, I'm not comfortable doing that.