Friday, 1 August 2014

Lone Elk park picnic

Recently we had a break in the hot weather and it was wonderful.  We headed outside Friday evening to enjoy a picnic at a local state park.
This park is know for its elk population and this night we were able to see them everywhere

Catching site of a deer and her fawn

Enjoying a family evening picnic

Capturing another 250th St Louis birthday cake for our records

This park also has a small buffalo population.  On this night we saw half a dozen near the road

We also saw a naughty raccoon going thru the trash bin that someone had not secured properly.  

We had a wonderful evening exploring the nature park and seeing the wildlife up close and observing them.


  1. How absolutely cool!!! I would've had a hard time not trying to feed the elk and pet them :)

  2. This is so awesome. I happy that you were able to go and have such a fun picnic.
    I loved it when we lived in Washington. Our house was just above a wet land and we had deer around all the time. We also had a porcupine and a raccoon come around. The worst was a skunk. Anyway, I really enjoyed these pictures. Blessings!