Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Grants Farms

On another beautiful day we met up with some new friends and decided to go to Grant's Farm which is a small safari/zoo park near us.  Unfortunately for us everyone in the city decided this was a perfect day to visit too so the lines were long and the place was crowded.  We still had fun but I much prefer it when it is less crowded.

When you first arrive you take a open air trolly thru the animal park where you can see highland cows, antelope, and other large animals from around the world

There is a carousel for the kids to ride

Once inside the park you can feed many different animals

The goats are quite brazen and will eat your clothes if you are not careful


There are two animal shows that you can watch.  Firedrake was thrilled when she was picked to hold the snake during one of the shows

Seeing different types of birds

Another 25th Birthday cake

There is also an elephant show.  These shows are more for education than for tricks and the animals are rewards with food.  If the animal doesn't want to play then it doesn't get an award, no negative punishments were used that I saw.

Feeding the llamas

and the camels

Feeding the parakeets

the birds really liked Firedrake's hair and keep trying to pull strands of it out.

This is also were the Budweiser Clydesdale horses are kept

Such beautiful horses

We saw the new foals and read that how and when they were trained to pull the Budweiser wagon you see on TV commercials

The shear sizes of these horses are impressive.  You can have you picture taken next to a horse which we have done in the past but not today.
We had a lovely day out with friends and the entire city:)!


  1. We missed this when we were in St. Louis. Someday...this looks like so much fun!

  2. This looked like a really fun field trip. I loved all the pictures. I don't like the idea of holding a snake; your daughter is very brave. I think it is awesome that you could get close and pet some of the animals.
    Thanks for sharing this adventure; I enjoyed it all.