Friday, 8 August 2014

artist study -- Paul Gauguin

I have been posting on all of our summer activities it may seem that we aren't doing any school, and I often say we school year round.  We are continuing to school (but not daily) and are reaching our summer goals that I posted about back in June.  A couple weeks ago we completed our artist study on Paul Gauguin.  We have been using the Meet the Masters Art program online for 3 years and really enjoy learning about the artist and then trying to copy their style of art.

Paul Gauguin is also know for being an artist friend of Vincent Van Gogh and after the two of them got into a fight and Paul Gauguin moved away to Tahiti.  There his art style changed. He stopped using colors realistically and instead used colors to invoke a feeling, choosing to paint a portrait using red when feeling angry or blue when feeling sad.

The art project given to us was to take a tropical scene and us color to invoke a feeling in the picture. So we all got to work in creating our masterpiece

Firedrake's picture, she wanted to show a wind storm

MarioFan wanted to show a peaceful starry night 

I always join in with the children and I was trying to show the colors of a sunset  against the trees, sand and ocean

We had fun trying this strategy but we all had difficulty not using realistic colors for our scene.  Something we need to work on.


  1. Great projects! I am determined to do more art this year--we have neglected it for too long!

  2. I love how you have art projects that are like the artist's art work. What a great learning tool. I loved all of your art work and I don't think I could do art in any color other than normal.
    Blessings for this one!