Monday, 28 July 2014

Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Another field trip we took while in the Alexandria area was to a colonial farm.  The kids have been to Williamsburg and while that is a wonderful place it gives the impression that everyone was wealthily in this era.  This farm shows how the common people lived and showed their hardships.

We travelled back in time to 1771.

Found out just how far our neighbors, store and church was.  

For every person living like George Washington there were 16 people living at the poverty level

This farm is an actual operating farm currently there are 6 people running the farm and they are using tools exactly as they did in the 1700's

The tobacco field and house

Turkeys were kept near the tobacco field as they help to keep the insects down on the plants

Seeing in the tobacco barn and learning the process of drying out tobacco

Next we walked to the main house where we met the family of this working farm.  They stayed in character.

We were given a tour of the home and shown what was being cooked for the noon time meal

upstairs was the sleeping quarters...other wise the house was a one story home with mud packed floors

Seeing the herbs and dead animals hanging from the ceilings

Geting to see how the meals were cooked using hot coals

This tabled held the types of things the family would eat or use in their cooking.

The noon time meal was eaten outside since it was a pleasant day

The hen house was behind the farm

Down the hill was a crude underground area used as a cool house as in a place to store fruits and vegetables.  There was no ice for this family

After touring the farm and visiting the family we went to the see what types of activities they did in their free time.
Playing 9 man morris which is my Firedrake's favorite

MarioFan tried the seesaw

and garden skittles

Playing the games graces

and shuttle cock with an old corn cob and feather

Next the kids were shown what some of the chores would have been for children of that period.  Grinding corn

Washing clothes with lye soap

rising and hanging them up 

Learning about wool 

and carding the wool

and trying our hand at drop spinning to make thread.

Another cabin in the woods but closed to the public

We had a great day exploring the way the average person would have lived in the 1700's.    If you are ever in the area I am told they do many events throughout the year.  


  1. Oh my gosh; I so loved this one. I love it when you get to experience the whole thing. I can imagine that was an awesome experience for your children. I am so happy you are back going on more adventures like these. I just loved this one. The pictures told such a good story too.
    Blessings for this learning experience. Maybe someday I will get back there again.

  2. Do the people actually live there or do they just reenact during the day? Did they really eat the meals they prepared there? Looks like a great experience. Interesting to note that turkeys are good for controlling insects. I wonder if keeping a hen house near a garden would serve the same purpose....

  3. What a great learning field trip.... so nice of you to invite us along. :)