Friday, 28 March 2014

German Sausage festival

This past weekend we read in the paper that a town about an hour away from us was holding a German bratwurst festival.  Having lived in the UK and visiting Germany many times we all loved brats so we decided to check it out as a family day out.

ON our drive up we also discover this is wine country so we were able to do a few wine tasting.  When it is warmer we plan on visiting again and visit the local wineries.

This poor pig had a bad day.  

This town even has a german beer garden...We discovered this town was once a german immigrant town and there are several museums and an old german school that can be explored.  I will be saving this information for when we studied the emigration of immigrants to the USA of the late 1800's and early 1900's:)

There where huge lines where we could sample all kinds of brats, chicken, pork, vegetarian and a mixture of everything in-between. 

While waiting in line we were serenaded by German music on the accordion, which my kids had never seen or heard  before.  I remember learning how to play one in school years ago.

More lines and more free tastings:)

The kids soon got tired of standing in line:) and we heading to the local German restaurant were we had an excellent German brat meal with real German potato salad


  1. Oh this looked like a great family adventure. When we lived in Washington we visited a few times a German town named Leavenworth. They have great festivals especially Halloween and Christmas celebrations. I didn't really care for German food until we ate there and now I love it a lot.
    Blessings for sharing this one!

  2. I'm with MarioFan, I hate lines! Poor pig is right! That is cool that even in the middle of the USA, there is a German village like that!