Monday, 31 March 2014

Art Museum class

Every other month the kids and I attend an art class at the Art museum in the city.  Every month is a different topic and we always learn something new.  This month's topic was on modern art and how it got some of its influence from african art.  This is something I never knew.

The docent explaining to the kids the different styles of art, letting them we are concentrating on modern art and the influence of African art

Here the kids were examining a piece by Max Berman a German artist of the  early 1900's.  The kids are noticing the long necks and torso of the body, the lack of depth in the people's eyes and the small mouths.

Next we looked at Picasso and noticed similar issues and compared it to some pictures of African artists

The kids were encourage to try to draw a face simplistically emphasizing larger eyes but void and smaller mouths.

Again comparing the painting to an African mask and its style

Next we visited the section of the museum looking at African masks and the art style

Afterwards the kids are taken to the art room where a project is given to emphasize some of what they learned in class

Today it was creating African masks

Firedrake made a Tarantula  mask

MarioFan masks using beads and emphasizing the symmetrical style of African art

Outside the museum we found another 250th Birthday cake for St. Louis:)


  1. That sounds really interesting, and what great masks they made!!

  2. O f course, I found this very entertaining. I especially loved the end project of the masks. I learned something new about art today.
    Blessings for this one!

  3. That tarantula mask is a bit creepy, in the way that all African masks can be. How did she create that wavy texture? This is the type of thing that I'm horrible at. I'd never get to a class that was once every other month. I have issues with anything that doesn't happen every week, as I so need the structure. So we miss out on things like this.