Friday, 17 January 2014

Weekly wrap up

Wow it has been a busy few weeks for us and I have so many posts in my draft file but simply haven't had time to write them up.  Maybe this weekend I will have some free time, which I so desperately need to catch up on so many things.

In our school:

We are really buckling down and getting so much work done, but I am wondering if I have gone a little too far overboard with more SCHOOL work.  I am starting to panic a little bit about my oldest getting ready for high school in two short years that I think I am over scheduling our school day trying to make sure I cover it all.  The reality is I can't cover it all,  so I need to regroup and rethink my strategies.  I have always said I will homeschool until high school and then we have to make a decision as a family on whether to send the kids to public school.  My oldest is adamant that she is not going back to public school so I am starting to wonder how I am going to teach high school and panic just a tiny bit:).  How and what I plan to change I do not know yet, but the fact that our school day has gone from 4-5 hours a day to closer to 6 and a half and I still feel like we are not covering enough is not cool:( for anybody.  I am for the first time ever feeling like field trips are getting in the way of our school day which is so unlike me!  Thankfully I haven't cancelled going on any field trips but the urge to do so is there and I need to stamp that out pronto :)

In our Health:

Our family decided to join the YMCA and the kids are joining us in exercising which is a good thing. Our goal is to make it there 3X a week, we are not quite there yet but we are doing our best.  Both my husband and I are continuing to lose weight on the weight watchers program and I am pleased to see the kids are starting to make overall better choices in their food choices just by watching Mom and Dad make better choices:)

MarioFan walking/running on the track with me, we did 1 mile

Firedrake doing the stationary bike with me for 30 minutes
What we are reading:

I have started reading the series Divergent.  Firedrake is reading Ring World and MarioFan is reading Lemonade War.

What we are cooking:

I am trying lots of new recipes from weight watchers and some aren't too bad, while others are seriously lacking in taste.  If anyone has a good cookbook or website for low cal, low carb recipes, I would love to know about them:), particularly if they taste good!!!

Hope everyone is doing well with the winter schooling months, Spring is only 2 months away!!!


  1. I can't believe Firedrake is going to be in high school in two years!!!! It is not as hard as it seems. Kids can do a lot on their own in high school.

  2. You and I are on very similar paths right now. I have an 8th grade daughter and I have been writing frequently about homeschooling high school. Like you, I just started Divergent (two days ago) and we just joined the YMCA. My daughter now has a goal of joining a swim team, since those are open to all children since in CT we will not have access to high school sports next year..... Good luck as you navigate your way through this period. I am trying my best to relax!

  3. You are right, you can't cover it all. You just need to teach them how to get the most out of their reading and to be able to express their ideas. From what I see, you seem to be doing a great job at that.

  4. Oh I am so thankful that there are only 2 more months of winter. I am tired of feeling cold. I think when you get my age you don't handle cold as well.
    I personally think your homeschooling is the best I have read. You are doing a marvelous job. I actually wish my daughter would do more field trips. Her 5 children need more social moments too.
    I like your goals of exercise. Through the years I yo yo on this one. I am trying to at least do some back exercises. I need to get back on my bike. Both my husband and I are always trying to make better food choices. About the only way I lose weight is just eat less of the meals I make.
    I still think you are amazing parents and do so many awesome things with your children. I love all of your adventures.
    Blessings for all you do!