Monday, 20 January 2014

To the Top of the Arch

Recently we took a trip into the city to visit the famous St. Louis Arch which is affectionately called "The Gateway to the West."  There is a great museum under the arch but we did not take time on this trip to visit as we are saving that for when we begin our Lewis and Clark studies.

The arch was built by Eero Saarinen 
His original design was much bigger and less steep at the top but it was later revised 2X until the final shape was chosen
A floor model of the elevator we are about to go up...we are told this can really freak out some people:)

This is a model of the elevator which had to be specifically made for the arch.  If you are claustrophobic this ride is not for you:) 

The kids read this sign and when we were in the elevator you really could feel the elevator car tilt and then straighten up as it ascends and descends.

Model of the arch and putting in the final piece.  

Only about 85 people can go up at a time on 8 elevator cars that hold 5 seats.  

Inside the elevator car

Kids thought it was very cool and they especially like trying to figure out when the cars were correcting themselves on the ride up

There are stairs that lead up to the top for maintenance workers and a couple of times we saw some work rooms on different levels

The sign at the top of  the you can look out windows on both sides of the arch to see the down town area.
There isn't a lot of room up there and it can get crowded

Looking out towards the city and seeing the old court house which I am told the Dred Scott case was heard and I will be talking the kids to see it soon
The other side you can see the Mississippi river and all the barges going by

We had a really nice day up in the city despite the very cold weather.  Next time I hope to explore the museum under the arch as it is very good for the westward expansion.


  1. Absolutely loved this!
    I have GOT to get our pics together in one post for the Arch!
    We were the 4th of July weekend and it was soooooo hot, I thought we'd faint. And the crowds!? Yikes.
    We were also in car #6!! Too funny!

    Awesome post. When I finally get mine post up, I'll let you know so you can compare pics! Loved these.

    Be well, friend!

  2. I think I will just enjoy the pictures and the thoughts on this one. I would be one that wouldn't be able to ride the elevators. I would freak out for sure.
    Blessings for this learning moment!

  3. Cool elevators! I'm surprised your hubby agreed to go all the way up! :-)

  4. Cool field trip- you are still having great adventures on US soil!! :)