Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Touring College

Over the Thanksgiving holidays we headed East to visit my parents but first we made a short stop at one of my husband's favorite places, Williamsburg Virginia.  My husband went to college at William and Mary and prior to his professional employment, he even worked at one of the colonial shops for a year.  His first foray into re enactment:)!  Ever since our children were born he has dreamed of them attending his alma mater and on this trip he certainly sparked an interest in Firedrake.

My husband showing the kids the campus and where his dorms used to be.  The campus has grown a lot since he went to college there.

Seeing the important Mr. Wren statue where at one time student would bow or curtsey when entering the school grounds.  

We toured the Wren building which was built in the 1600's and is the oldest college building in the US.

Visiting the chapel inside the Wren building

My husband showed the kids the bridge where he first kissed a girl, alas the kids found out it wasn't me:)  He had some explaining to do with the kids on that memory;) They were quite shocked!

 After visiting the campus we stopped by the admission office to find out the requirements for admissions for homeschoolers.  Firedrake was most impressed with the campus and is already dreaming about attending, making her father's wish come true.  It is never to late to start introducing the idea of college to the children according to my husband.


  1. What a lovely campus! For shame, he kissed a girl before he met you! I'm all aghast! :-)

  2. Looks fabulous!!
    Story of kiss very funny!

  3. What an awesome adventure for your family. I loved the tour of the college. We have been back there before years ago; but didn't tour this area. I loved learning about it all; even the kiss on the bridge.