Monday, 16 December 2013

Artist study Joan Miro

The kids and I completed another artist in the series Meet the Masters.  My daughter has been interested in Surrealism art for a while, every time we enter a museum she seems drawn to this style of art.  Joan Miro is a Spanish artist of the 19th century who mixed abstract and surrealism into his art projects.   We start all our lesson by listening to the unit on the website learning about the artist and examining his style of art.  Then we began the assigned art work, out of all of us, I probably struggled the most with this project because I need everything to be balanced and organized in my art work.  The kids an the other hand loved the freeness of it:)

First the children drew large scribbly lines over a white piece of card stock 

Next they took two different colors of construction paper and drew scribbly lines on the paper

This was the hard part -- we had to look very closely at those squiggly lines and try to find shapes that appealed to us and cut them out.  They could be large or small for some shapes that appealed to us we folded the paper over and cut out several pieces of the same shape.

Next we arranged all the shapes we found onto our white paper securing them on with glue

Next we added eyes, tails, or feet to the colored paper shapes
Finally we  added a little bit of color to our masterpiece
MarioFan's final project

Firedrakes final project

Mine attempt at this style of art.

We did this art project while at my parents house and my Mother loved them so much she kept them and plans to hang them up:)  Kid were so pleased to hear that and can't wait to see where the pictures will be the next time we visit.


  1. It's great that you're sticking to the program after all this time! I'd have had problems with this unit, as I am so not into surrealism. I'm not sure if I will do Meet the Masters with Sola. I waited too long with Noctis, such that he was old enough that he felt like the projects were "stupid" (his word). I think that if I had started it a couple of years earlier with him, he would have enjoyed it much more and we wouldn't have dropped it. We were doing the teen/adult lessons, but the projects were pretty much the same as the kids' projects.

  2. The kids did a great job. This looks like a fun art project.

  3. Loves what the kids have produced there #Entertaining&Educational

  4. What an awesome art experience for your children. I loved the final pictures. I love how you teach.