Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Touring Whole Foods store

As a family we try to shop organic when we can but I am often confused with the different labels that some stores use.  A field trip was organized to visit Whole Foods Store so we signed up to go and learn a little about organic shopping.  This was also our first visit to the store which I discovered wasn't too far from us.

Getting an introduction to the store and what it's philosophy is regarding its practics

Learning the word Conventional on a food means pesticides were used

Organic means no pesticides were used or only environmentally safe ones were used.  It was also discussed that fruits and vegetables that have a shell ie avocados or oranges you don't need to worry as much about pesticides as the skin protects the fruit inside.

I learned how to tell if a pineapple is ripe.  You should be able to pull off the top leaf of the fruit and if it comes out easily it is ripe.  I always wondered about that.

There were plenty of samples for the kids to try.  Whole foods also support local area farmers which is always nice 

Meeting the fishmonger and learning about seafood and how to tell if it is farmed or  from the sea.  

After his talk he blew a conch shell for the kids which they all loved

At the meat counter the kids tried Buffalo jerky,  MarioFan was not a fan but I have never given my kids jerky of any kind so they were not use to the texture or the flavors.  We heard that the store requires meat farmers to agree to certain terms requiring humane treatment of animals in all areas.

Finding out the coloring on all their bakery items is all natural, beet juice is used to make red, spinach to make green etc.  All the kids were disappointed they didn't get to sample a cupcake;) 

instead they sampled raspberry, chocolate and white chocolate pretzels.

At the end of the tour the store treated the kids to free pizza.
I learned a great deal about organic shopping and as long as our budget allows we will continue to try to shop for more organic products.


  1. How fun!! I wish there was a Whole Foods by us!

  2. I think this was a great outing. My daughter loves whole food stores. I have learned a few things from her. We do have some fresh markets here that sell a bigger line of whole foods. I learned a bit on this one.

  3. I had no idea that Whole Foods offered field trips/tours! The concept kind of blows my mind away. Maybe it's 'cuz we have Whole Foods all over the place here and everybody I know shops there or at the truly "local" organic food store (meaning it started in our immediate area). So all the homeschooled kids around here know Whole Foods inside and out. They do hold weekly wine and beer tastings at our Whole Foods though.... Also, if you really want your mind to be blown away, check out the cost of their fancy chocolates, the ones behind the counter! They're like a bazillion dollars/pound! Seriously, I have never seen such expensive chocolate! Like it's be cheaper to fly to South America, grow your own chocolate, and come back and make it yourself.

  4. I have been wanting to go to this store for awhile now and have not yet been able to get there. I am learning to eat healthier and would love to eat more organic foods and have my daughter enjoy it as well.