Monday, 7 October 2013

A Comic book Convention

It has been a very long time since I have read a comic book, and the ones I did read as a child were Archie, Veronica and Betty, Little Rich and The Fantastic Four.  As a kid I use to buy them in the stores.  It is sad to say my kids don't read comic books, for several reasons, the main one being I have rarely seen kid appropriate comic books for sale in the stores I shop in.  Maybe I just need to look harder:)  When we lived in the UK my kids loved to purchase the kids magazine Beano and Pokemon, which, to my knowledge they don't sell in the states.  That is the closest the kids have come to a comic book, I think.

My husband has a college friend who is a known comic book illustrator and we got word that he was visiting locally for a convention, so we decided to go and met up with my Husband's friend and see what a comic convention is all about.

Having never been to one of these events before I was fascinated with all the adults and children who dressed up in costumes.  Many of the outfits I did not recognize but some I did.   Firedrake loved watching the artist drawing and even stop to watch some artists and ask questions.  MarioFan found the whole experience over the top and some of the costumes a bit scary.  The placed was packed and it was  hard to move around because of all the people.

Upon entering we saw an batman:)

I took this for my friends in England who are big Dr. Who fans (waves)

Stars wars R2D2

The Riddler

storm trooper

Various super hero's shields I only recognize Captain America

 Masks.  My kids didn't know any of them and I could only recall a couple

Firedrake had fun talking to an artist and seeing his work up close.  He gave her some great tips on drawing while we were there.

Superman and I don't know who the side kick was but Firedrake was fascinated with her RED eyes

I thought this was good

There were also lots of old toys about. I pointed out to the kids the old Atari game system that was around when I was a kid.  My family personally didn't own one:(  But I remember playing it at friends houses.

One of the few stands I allowed the kids to take a free copy of the comic book as it was kid friendly.  There were a few comics that I question the kid friendly content.  Yeah I am a little over protective and cautious about those types of things.  :)

aww who remembers gizmo:)

Is this a comic book character?  If so I don't know who it is:(  I am so out of touch these days, but maybe that is a good thing:)

Is this an Flash Gordon?  

we got to watch a sculptor work on his comic book character in 3D, MarioFan thought it was too scary looking.

Having never been to one of these events before, I was at first nervous about taking pictures, and took a few on the sly which is the reason a few are a bit blurry.  But soon I worked up my nerve to ask people to pose and everyone did without a problem.  Once we got back in the car my husband was dying to know what I thought of the whole experience.  All I will say is that it was very interesting and fascinating display of adults having fun in a weird kind of way;).  After all, I am part of a family who likes to dress up as Vikings so it would be very wrong for me to judge, wouldn't it:)!


  1. I could see why MarioFan would have been a bit scared. The crowd issue would have bothered me more than anything. If your kids decide they are interested in comics, there is a National Comic Book Day in the U.S. Places give out free comics. It is aimed more at kids, but my son was a tween when I took him, so I wasn't as worried about child friendliness, so I'm not sure how great they were that way. I really only read comic books when we visited my Grandmother, who kept lots of toys and so forth around for all of the grandkids who lived within walking distance. Like you, I liked Archie, Veronica and Betty, and Little Rich. I didn't do super heroes, though I did lie Caspar. My brother still has a whole storage unit full of comic books. It's kind of ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for the Dalek photo!!! Were you the only ones there who knew what a Dalek was?

  3. I don't recognize any of the characters either except for Superman and the Star Wars guys. Your experience reminds me of a few things living in Germany. First is fasching or carnival when adults and children all dress up in costumes. It's not uncommon to see grown men dressed as big fuzzy alligators, chipmunks and other creatures.

    Secondly, we stumbled upon a superhero/comic book/ I'm not sure what kind of event while we were in Bonn, Germany. When we were walking around in the morning hundreds of characters like those in your photos were walking down the street. It was very interesting.

  4. This was truly a very fun post. The pictures were interesting to say the least. I loved comic books growing up but I haven't seen them very often anymore. I know that really old ones are worth a lot. I should have kept mine.
    Loved this adventure and blessings to you all!