Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Visiting a Jewish Synoguage

We are continuing our religious studies at home and with the Home school group.  This month we have been learning about the Jewish faith and had the opportunity to visit the Cambridge Jewish Synagogue
Some of the books the children and I have read to learn more about the Jewish faith

Visiting the Local Orthodox synagogue 

The altar and the ark (cabinet in the bac)

The everlasting light is always lit and hangs above the ark cabinet 

The partition to keep men and women separate during services.

Being shown the prayer shawl worn during the service by men

Being shown the old testament and I learned that Hebrew is read left to right

The Ark Cabinet opened and it holds all the sacred  Torahs.  They are read on Sabbath and only by men

Each scroll has a coat of arms per se and this one is of the 10 commandants

This one is of the 12 Jewish tribes

We were told that the Torah's are all hand written.  The red one in the cabinet was over 100 years old and brought over from the Soviet Union during the mass exodus of Jews from the country.

A small Torah scroll was brought out for the children to see

Being shown the Torah next to the book held by the congregation.

Small books have the english and Hebrew translations

Being shown the Menorah and the children heard the story and its importance.

We also learned a little about Kosher laws.
We were showns signs found on food packages that signify if something is kosher

Kids were given Matzos crackers to taste.
The next facility that we are scheduled to visit is the Catholic church in June.  Unfortunately we will not be able to attend as we are moving but I hope to be able to continue to do this with my children on own or with our next home school group.


  1. That looks like an interesting field trip.

  2. There again you are doing a very interesting adventure. I love learning about other faiths. I really enjoyed your thoughts and pictures today on the Jewish faith. I love that your children are studying varies faiths.
    When you get to the states look up one of the LDS Visitor's centers and learn about The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. There is a temple in London and a visitor's center next to the temple.
    I am almost anxious to see what your adventures will be in when you return to the states.
    Blessing to you!

    1. I would love to visit a LDS center will look for one in our new area. It has been fun learning about all faiths and there are so many similarities between them and also so many differences. I want my children to appreciate our faith but to be more tolerant and understanding of other faiths as well. It believe it more did this the world would be a far better place:)

  3. Have you read the book 'Wonders and Miracles'? It is a truly wonderful, absorbing book about the Passover. I think one of my all time favourites - one to own not borrow!

  4. As my hubby was raised Jewish, I've been to a few synagogues, but never to an Orthodox one. The main difference I noticed was the partition to separate the men and women. Good luck finding a Catholic church to tour!

  5. This made for an interesting read! I will have to look into this for future field trip ideas for our own family. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower from the Hip Homeschool Hop! Jenn @