Friday, 24 May 2013

Italian Cooking Class

There is a Mom in our UK group from Italy and she has been offering monthly Italian cooking classes for the kids.  We were finally able to attend, as it is a very popular class.
We were learning to make Cocoa Tagliatelle which I had never heard of before

Kids look excited to learn they are making noodles from scratch and out of Chocolate:)

4 eggs

320 grams of flour,  40 grams of unsweeten cocoa, and 5 grams of salt and then mixed first by a spoon and then by hand 

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and using your hands and fingers mix all together.
Add a splash of water as necessary and work the dough for about 5/10 minutes or until it doesn't show creases. Don't splash on flour as this only makes it more dry but don't put too much water either or it will turn too sticky.

Place the dough in a cool place/fridge for about an hour prior using your rolling pin to make it flat.

When rolling out the dough remember you want to aim for a  few millimetres of thickness 

My kids using a noodle machine for the first time.  Little Man loved it

Drying noodles.
As this is fresh pasta it won't take long to cook add a touch of olive oil in boiling water and allow plenty of room for the pasta in the pan this can cook in few minutes or until it floats on the surfice.
Try not to leave the pasta in for more then 10 minutes or it will be too soft and won't stay together plus can became "mushi" :-)
A good tip is always taste it first. 
Tasting their creations, serve with Bolognese sauce -- while the noodles are darker in color you really can't taste the chocolate too much.

Yum Yum it was very good:)
We won't have time to attend anymore Italian cooking classes while here but it has sparked an interest at home:)

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  1. Interesting! I've never heard of chocolate noodles before. I figured they'd serve it with some sort of dessert sauce. Now I have to try making this too! :-)