Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mother/Son activity

In the midst of packing my husband and I decided to take some time out and just spend a day individually with the children doing something they want to do.  Packing can be so stressful for adults but even more so for children who are contemplating losing their friends, home and if only for a short while their toys and books.

I decided to take my son to Diggerland Amusement park.   Little Man loves amusement parks and I thought this might be right up his alley.  Not sure if they have this type of park in the states but it is entirely devoted to construction vehicles that the children can ride and operate safely and independently.

This was the first weekend that the park was opened!

Spin Dizzy ride that Little Man loved and must of ridden half a dozen times or more

Little Man got to drive a real car...and to my amazement this car was not on rail system or anything.  The park attendant did have a brake on her side of the car in case we went off the road.  I have a video of him driving and figuring out the brake and everything...Thankfully we have several more years before he is legally allowed on the road:)

Mud track to practice driving a bob cat again no rails or anything, the kids really did have to drive these things luckily
the speed for the vehicles was only about 5 mph or less.

go karting

Driving a front end loader with a little guidance...again no rails, I was amazed at how much the kids really got to do on their own

bumper cars

Not sure what this is called but again Little Man is in control of the machine

Lots of games to play--Little Man broke the record for knocking down these skittles, while I struggled and eventually time ran out:(  Little Man loved that he could do this better than me and faster too:)

Digging in a full size Digger.  This was the longest line in the park, and there were more Dads in this line than any other.  
Little Man loved working this machine, and I could tell so did many of the Dads who tried it:)!  My husband would have loved this park.

Every ride had a information board to explain the uses of the equipment, cost and weight, Little Man loved reading them

Seeing the grounds from the top of the 50 foot sky shuttle

Seeing the show on what some of the equipment can do -- kids were not allowed to do this

Once little Man drove a adult size car this one just didn't cut it for him:)

Meeting the cast of the show at Digger land

Resting in  the hotel after a long day of playing hard

This is a great park if you have a child who loves all things construction!!!
What a great park for younger kids, again I was amazed how much they let the kids do on their own.  While there were always staff to support the kids who had trouble it was awesome to get to really drive and operate these construction vehicles.  What a amazing day for a little boy...and his Mom:)


  1. How cool!!! You will never see something like that in the states. All our kids would love that place!

  2. What a fun-looking place! Where is it located?

    1. this one was located in Rochester UK but there are several all over the UK:)

  3. Awesome! I think my husband would like it too.

  4. What a fantastic way to spend some mother & son time! Looks fab x

  5. Wow! That is such an awesome amusement park! We have nothing like that, at all, around here. I'm totally jealous, yet again! Someone needs to build something like that in the U.S. It's a total "Build it and they will come" place.

  6. OMG this was such an awesome adventure. I can just imagine how happy your son was that you took just him on this mother son date.
    I don't know if there is one of these in the US but their should be.
    Loved this one!
    Blessings and hugs~