Friday, 31 May 2013

Father/Daughter activity

While I was busy with my son spending one on one time with him at the amusement park Diggerland, to see the post go here, my husband and daughter went to a Rush concert.  This was my daughter's first concert ever and one of my husband's favorite bands (this was his seventh time seeing them perform live, starting way back in 1981).  He has been slowly introducing the kids to his style of music over the years.
Since the concert was 2 hours away and would get out late Princess and Daddy  stayed overnight at a hotel.  So here they are relaxing before going to the concert later that evening

At the venue

Daddy bought them matching Rush t-shirts and of course a program 

they had great seats at the side so they could see all the activity going on throughout the concert

Princess reported the concert was awesome and it was so much better listening to music live than on the radio.   She was especially impressed with the lighting and the multi-media projections that went along with the concert.  My husband said Rush played for nearly 3 hours.  

Wearing their matching T-shirts the next day.

I love that we are able to have special one on one time with each of our children.  I just wish we could do it more often:)!  I hope the kids will remember these times when they get older and have families of their own.  I know my husband and I treasure these moments.


  1. How fun!!! Love that you do this!!!

  2. I loved Rush back in the day, but haven't listened to them lately. I'll have to break out some old music to see if I still like them. I'm glad they enjoyed the concert! I never enjoyed concerts much, as it just overwhelmed me sensorily.

  3. I love the activity dates you both did with your son and daughter. I can guarantee that they will remember these moments. I wish we had done a few more things like this. We are now trying to do more with our grandchildren; but there is too many of them to make this happen often.
    Loved the pictures and the event.

  4. Oh cool...thanks for linking your posts to my Memoir MOnday hop!
    Love 'em.

    Good luck this week with the big move!