Monday, 1 April 2013

New Science Center

Just last month a new Science center has opened up in Cambridge.  Our home school group was able to schedule a trip recently.  The center is very small but has great plans for expansion in the next few years.  I was pleased to see that many of the exhibits they had reinforced what my children have been working on in our Science lesson so it was a review for them.

The newly opened Science Center

The kids got to try out the many stations in the building

We started out last year learning about motors and I was pleased to see that my kids remember so of it

Working with magnets again a good review from what we learned last year

looking at X-rays

We tried to recreate this at home with fair results but here it was much better

All the children loved playing with the voice box

Taking a look at ultraviolet light

After some time playing we got together with the museum staff and we began making pin hole cameras. 
Cutting out our box

Assembling the box

Success!!  We did this at home last year

Once again I was very please to see how much my kids remembered from our lessons last year.

using a magnifying glass to sharpen our image.

We had a great day out with our homeschool group and while this field trip was actually a review of last year's learning it was still great to go.  We won't be around to see the expansion of this science center but I can tell you they are difidently on the right track.


  1. This needs to go on our "to do" list!

  2. That's cool that they opened in time for you to go at least once before you moved back to the States!

  3. Glad you got to see the science center before you move! Lots of fun (reinforced) learning going on for sure! :)

  4. I love when we get a chance to revisit things that we have learned- especially in a hands-on environment. It looks like a fun day!! :)