Friday, 29 March 2013

Facebook and an Award

I got two great announcements to share with you today.  First I have finally gotten a Facebook page for Life's Adventures, YAY!!!  So after 3 years of blogging and one year of thinking about forming a Facebook  page I finally accomplished it this past weekend.   I will be sharing homeschool links, freebies and other positive homeschool sites with you.  It is my new adventure in the world of technology, I am still learning so  please bear with me while I figure out this new media, but I hope you will join me in this new adventure:)

Next, I was honored with a Blog award a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting around to passing it on.  Chris is from Campfires and Cleats and she has a great blog so click on over to see her wonderful family and blog.

I took this from Chris's page as to what does Liebster mean:
liebster is German for~
 "sweetest," "kindest," "nicest," "dearest," "beloved," 
"valued," "endearing," and "welcoming."

Thanks Chris, it was wonderful to find this in my inbox and despite my lateness in getting a write up written, I really do appreciate the award!

So the rules of this award are as follows:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.

1.   I was never a tea drinker until I moved to the UK now I drink at least 2 cups a day, sometimes more
2.   I still can't cook a proper English Sunday roast dinner and I have lived in the UK nearly 5 years.
3.   I did learn this year to make a proper English Christmas pudding and Christmas Cake and it was good!!!
4.   I love history
5.   I love traveling
6.   I love learning new things
7.   I enjoy crafting and art and wish I was better at it than I really am
8.   I wished I knew how to play an instrument, but I don't, so I am making my kids learn the piano to satisfy my need:)
9.   I mostly read historical fiction books
10.  According to my family I take way too many pictures of flowers;) it makes me happy
11.  I buy myself fresh flowers every single week to put in the living room.  It is my one selfish splurge/pleasure

2. Answer the 11 questions 
1. Where did you grow up?
I am a military brat so I grew up in lots of places...I was born in Scotland, but lived in Taiwan, Okinawa, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, Enlgand--However I consider Maryland home as that is where I lived the longest.

2. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
Oh that is a hard one somewhere warm and near water, maybe Hawaii or San Fransico

3. What is your favorite book? ( Yes, pick ONE! LOL.!Okay, really, any number of faves!)
Another hard favorite book is usually the one I am currently reading

4 Favorite movie?
When Harry met Sally -- it always makes me laugh

5. Hobby?
Before kids, I did stained glass and basket making, I even taught adult ed classes

6. Why did you begin your blog?
I started one year after moving to England and one year after beginning our Homeschooling journey.  Mostly to keep family informed of our traveling and homeschooling adventures

87. What's your fairy tale wedding like?
I had mine already, marrying my husband in a vineyard, small and intimate, it was perfect!

8. If you could have dinner with a-n-y-o-n-e, who would that be?
Oh, someone from the Tudor period either Henry the 8th or Elizabeth the 1st.

9.  Louisa May Alcott or Jane Austen?
That's a tough one but Louisa May Alcott wins by a tiny bit

10.  Best spot for a relaxing dinner with the family?
Outdoor at our patio table with the sun shining, the grill on and watching the kids play

11.  Favorite saint?
I can't answer this one as I am Lutheran :)

4. Choose 11 bloggers and pass on the award 
In no particular order, I enjoy the following blogs

Hope you enjoy passing on the award to other well deserving blogs, I look forward to seeing who you nominate:)


  1. Congratulations!
    What a lovely award to receive. Well deserved, too.
    I feel it is my duty to teach you how to make a Sunday roast.
    Mission for April or May....tutorial at our house!! (And you can eat it here afterwards...)

    1. Okay I will hold you to that. Does that include roasting potatoes too? LOL

  2. Thank you so much for considering us, I'm really chuffed! It was interesting finding out a bit more about you too. Loved the part about drinking tea, and blaming us Brits!!
    Congratulations for the feature at Highhillhomeschool- it is well deserved!

  3. Congratulations and thanks for passing the award onto us at Highhill Education.

  4. Love this! Loved reading more about your life and your faves, etc...
    So sorry about inc that saint question. I guess I just assumed.
    Thanks for tackling all these questions. it is a bit of work to pass this on to blogger friends!
    Have a lovely weekend, friend!Thanks again for your beautiful blog and sharing your family and HSing life.

    1. No worries about the saint question, Lutherans just don't teach about them much. However I do like learning from others:) and have read about a few here in the UK

  5. That was fun to read. I'm with you my favorite book is often the one I'm reading or the one I just finished.

  6. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on! You were born in Scotland!?!? That is cool! I can't believe how many places you traveled to before you were grown up and now you've traveled to even more! I think a good question for you would be, "How many countries have you been too?"

  7. Congratulations on the award;it is always fun to learn more about you. Thanks you for passing it on; I will work on doing this one. That is so interesting that you were born in Scotland. I have ancestors from there.
    Blessings and have an wonderful Easter celebration or adventure with your family.

  8. Fun peek at you. :) Congratulations on the award. I'll never forget the first time I saw "When Harry Met Sally"- I have never laughed so hard! I don't think I could pick between Alcott and Austen!