Monday, 18 February 2013

Pottery class

We had the opportunity to attend a Pottery class at a studio of one of the local Home Ed Moms.  We went for two days and started working on some pottery designs.

Princess got straight to work as she had already had a few ideas of her own

She made Dragons of course and lots of them:)

Although this one I am told is Chimaera which is a four headed mythology creature

This one was my favorite sleeping dragon in a cave

Little Man struggle a little with coming up with ideas but once I mentioned Mario characters, he was more willing to try to create with some help from me.

He also decided to make a few gifts, but I am not telling or showing what they are as it is a surprise:)!

Mario pieces are completed we have a super mushroom and fire flower 

As usual I like to join in with my kids so here is my creation, not sure what I will do with it but I like it!

We have to wait several weeks for our pieces to dry before we can paint them and see what the finish pieces will look like.


  1. They are wonderful Anna-Marie. I like the sleeping dragon, also, and I love your daughters haircut. Very sassy and smart. Both your children are growing so fast. Have a great week!

  2. OK, Anna-Marie, I am deeply impressed with the pot you made. I couldn't figure out what it was going to be when you had it flat, but now I see it, it is lovely!
    looking forward to seeing it fired and glazed one day!

  3. FUN!
    Thanks for sharing the pics:)

  4. HI,
    New follower via GFC from NOBH. Thanks for hosting! Blessings! Sandra

    1. Thanks for following Sandra, I will follow back:) and check out your blog soon

  5. Beautiful pieces! I love your box and am curious to see how you paint it! We've been making ceramic dragons in Dora's art class also. The teacher taught them to make "taco dragons". It was an interesting approach and worked well for Dora's age group, but didn't allow for the detail that Princess achieved.

    1. You will have to tell me about the Taco Dragon, will you do a post on it? We would be very interested in seeing that:)

  6. Wow, I am impressed with all of your creations. Be sure and take pictures of the finished projects.