Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hindu Center

We are studying Indus Valley for our History and for geography we are studying the country of India.  I thought I would try to combine the two.  Currently we are learning quite a bit about the Hindu faith and decided to arrange a visit at a local India cultural center and learn more about this religion.
We went to the Bharat Bhavan India Cultural center.  We were told the name means Focal point for India Culture.

We had a wonderful gentleman tell the children about Hinduism explaining that it is not a religion but a way of life.

Children got to ask lots of questions

Then we practiced mediation

We learned the Ohm sound is considered the first beginning sound of the universe occurding to the Hindu believers.

Then the children were shown the Center's shine

and stories were told about the meanings of the various symbols

This hall is often rented out for services and ceremonies for the India Community in the area

I like this poster:)

We learned such a great deal about the Hindu culture and I have to say the all the children behaved beautifully and respectfully.  The center has invited us back to listen to some traditional Indian music which I am in the process of setting up in the near future for our home school group


  1. I like the poster too. I have a book of Mahatma Ghandi's thoughts but I had never read this one. Thanks!

  2. Oh my, how inspiring!
    Thx for sharing this great field trip!
    Have a lovely day...

  3. I can tell that this was a great adventure. I always learn something new with every event or project that you do. I was thinking that you blog should be made in to books as you continue these adventures. What a treasure of memories you will have.
    Blessings and hugs!

  4. That looks like a great field trip! I had no idea about ohm being the beginning sound of the universe and I have done a lot of meditation!