Monday, 12 November 2012

Remington Art lesson

Kids and I are reassuming our art lessons with Meet the Masters.  This month we have been learning about the American artist Frederic Remington.  Remington was born New York (1861) and loved drawing the sites of the west.  His studio in New York was filled with old artifacts of the Old west.  When studying artist, I try to find the Mike Venezia books, if you haven't heard of them, they are excellent and can be found on Amazon.

The assignment was to create an old west picture using chalk

Cutting out our mountains

Little man adding in the details

Princess adding in her details

Little Man's Western scene

Princess's finish piece she added a few desert animals and a night sky

My attempt at this style of art.

We are continuing to enjoy these lessons!


  1. We also like the Mike Venezia books. We should really add more art into our curriculum. You do such great projects.

  2. Way fun! I loved the artists. Your children are adorable along with their art. I loved your's too; but I needed your picture with it.
    An amazing lesson again!

  3. Good for you to be finishing up the series! We gave up on it some time ago. I was doing it with Gohan and he just reached an age where he wasn't doing art anymore. Now he just studies art history.