Friday, 16 November 2012

Re-enactment Market Fair

This past weekend we went on our annual trek to the the Re enactors Market Fair held near Coventry.   It is always fun to go to these things cause you can met some very interesting people:).  Since my family are re enactors I can't call them strange as we might fit into that category;)!   Anyway, every time we go we see some new and interesting things.

One of the stalls had the game of UR and since we are studying Mesopotamia we stop to ask them to show us the rules of the game. 

Princess fell in love with this puppet dragon so much so she decided to spend her allowance on it:)
Watched a man construction arm sleeves for body armour

the full size version

My husband bought a leather belt and want the buckles switched so the kids and I got to see leather work

This was a new booth this year.  The stall boosts of wines from the medieval period.  They said they used documented recipes.  We tried a sample and it tasted very much like mull wine.  We bought a bottle for the up coming holidays:)  We also bought a bottle of mead.

This was a new item for me to see which is a navigation tool used by sailors to determine direction and speed of their sailing ships.

Lots of clothing booths

Showed the kids the history of women's clothing:)

Buying fabric

Looking at patterns for how to make anglo-saxons tunics.  Because I am going to attempt to make one for my husband and son...since buying pre-made one are so expensive.

Clothing accessories of every era could be found

As well as pottery and glassware for every era

Roman era costume
It is fun to look around and see all the different things, it was nice to see my kids showing their knowledge as they looked at different booths.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of these shows I highly recommend it as it really does allow kids to see up close and handle items they may only see in a museum.


  1. Sounds fascinating-multiple history lessons in one go.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I'm with Princess, that dragon puppet looks totally cool! I'd spend my own allowance on it also. Be sure to post photos of the tunics when you are done making them, I'd love to see them!

  3. I've had UR since I was a child, I was off sick one time and my mum bought it. Such a simple game but lots of fun has been had with it over the years. Great photos. Amanda