Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Serengeti Wall Mural

 The wall mural idea started nearly 4 years ago when I first started home schooling the kids and they have since created 5 different murals that we have put up throughout the house.  It is a art project they still enjoy doing.  Since coming home from Tanzania the kids have been working on creating a wall mural  to show case all the different animals we saw in the Serengeti.

First the kids decided what elements of the Serengeti they wanted to include in the mural.  They decide on a watering hole,  Kopjes and a Acacia tree.  They then planned out the layout and began to paint.  We use large packing paper that I saved from our move.  I still have a few pieces left from our move 4 years ago:)
The kids spent time coloring the pictures and deciding where the pictures should go in relations to our landscape
I wanted the kids to add the Swahili names to all the animals but they thought that it distracted from their art! So instead we just discussed the names
We hung the mural up and I think I only have room for one more large scale mural but the kids have ideas for many, many more! Here is a link to some other murals we have created, plus its kind of cute to see my kids and how they have grown up:) in the last 4 years.


  1. Wow! Your kids are great artists! I love the idea of wall murals as a means of synthesizing/wrapping-up a unit.

  2. I think the murals are much more colorful and interesting to look at than if they were just colored. Looks like a lot of fun and what a keepsake!

  3. Those are wonderful!!! Don't forget you still have room on the

  4. I am visiting form NOBH...this is a great idea...I love that your family approaches life as an adventure...what a joy to get to share so many experiences together