Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Home made Reflector Oven

This past week, at my son's Boy Scout meeting, we got to see how a homemade Reflector oven works!  The leader was given this oven by someone and told how to use it for the meeting.  I have heard of this but have never seen on so I was fascinated with it.   We plan on making our own either on our own or with friends. 

First take a box that has a lid and cover the inside of the lid completely with  aluminum foil.  Use Duct tape or Electrical tape...scotch tape or masking tape will melt. 

cover the inside  with foil and support sides with aluminum tins this addition will support a shelf

Use kebab skewers to make the shelf in the side punching a hole thru the box and tin pans, this one used 4 metal skewers to hold the shelf, number of skewers would depend on the size of the box.  Add a oven thermometer

Place a smaller tin tray on the bottom shelf and add hot coals. This is important do not place hot coals on the bottom of the box with just foil, as it will get too hot!  Close lid and allow the box to heat up.  We did have to prop the BBQ tongs  up against the lid to get it to shut properly Within 10 minutes the inside box temperature had a reading of 350 degrees!

Place item on shelf you wish to cook.  We had the kids make chocolate chip cookies. 

See the red hot coals and at one point the thermometer read 400 degrees inside.  I was told that you should estimate each chuck of coal adds 40 degrees so we had about 9 charcoal pieces inside
The cookies are starting to bake.  Took about 20 minutes it probably could have been less time if the adults would have stopped opening the box repeatedly to check the coals and take pictures:)  guilty as charged;)
Oh and remember to have oven mitts as the tray is really HOT!!!!

Cookies -- the adults did question whether the cookies would have a smoky taste but in all honesty it was barely noticeable.

Kids enjoyed the cookies and had no complaints. So it was a success

What a great way to spend a raining evening making cookies outside in a Reflector oven.


  1. What an awesome science project.

  2. This is really cool! I've never heard of this before. We made a solar oven once, which didn't work very well at all. I was quite discouraged. This sounds like a more promising project.

  3. That was so neat! I think we should have supplies for this one in our 72 hour emergency kit. This was a fun one!
    Blessings for another great adventure!!

  4. This looks cool! I've seen similar ones that were actually solar ovens, but never seen one that uses hot coals!

  5. What a great idea! I could see using one of these on days that you want something baked but don't want to heat the house up! I'll have to bookmark this and try it sometime. :)