Monday, 23 July 2012

Girl Scout Fishing trip

It wasn't too long ago that I blogged about my son's boy scout fishing trip.  I wasn't able to go with him on that trip, as my daughter and I had the stomach bug, so my husband was responsible to take photos for my blog:) and for our personal records.  After hearing how much fun they had, I asked my daughter's girl scout troop if they would like to go fishing.  The girls loved the idea and I once again contacted our local fishing club and asked for a session for the girls.   Again the fishing coaches were absolutely wonderful and so patient with the girls. 

Being girls it took a lot more coaxing for them to handle the bait, the fish and the hook, but after some positive encouragement and a bit of bribery , as I told them they couldn't get their fishing fun badge unless they did all of the above at least 3 times!  Aren't I mean! By the end of the session all the girls were handling the fish and the bait like pros.  I was so proud of them overcoming their girly squeamishness:).  I say this while I didn't touch a fish or a maggot the entire time there...none of the girls noticed:)!  I am sneaky too;)!

Learning about the types of fish in the man made lake

Red maggots, when I saw pictures of this last time I thought they must be special type maggot as the only maggots I have ever seen are white in color.  However, this time I was there and asked what made the maggots red.  I was told that the maggots were colored red so the fish could see them more easily:)  So I guess this means fish see in color?  Also I was told the coloring gives off a slight smell that attracts the fish to the hook.  I was assured this was safe for the girls to handle as years ago this procedure caused cancer according to the fishing guide.

Most of the fish we caught were Rudd and small were pretty small:)  But the girls didn't seem to notice the size at all

Princess was the first to get over her squeamishness and handled the fish easily and after removing the hook, she gave each fish an extra maggot  in their mouth before tossing them in the lake...soon several other girls were following suit:)

A fish that almost got away

Giving the fish an extra maggot because and I quote "they have been thru so much, Mom"

Using a degorger to remove the hook that the fish swallowed.  Quite a nifty little tool.

The biggest fish caught of the day

All the girls had fun and there were plenty of fish caught.  Each girl caught a dozen or more fish.  I might have to arrange a home school trip next as this was so much fun.  My kids loved it and both want to fish again.  I promise to spare you another post on Fishing:)!


  1. I really enjoyed this adventure. My family always loved to fish and when I was small my Dad fixed my pole with the bait and put it in water. When I got bored and moved away leaving my pole; he put a fish on it and then tugged at it and yelled for me to come and bring in my fish. It's a favorite memory of mine.
    Blessings to you for the memory~

  2. I LOVE Princess's attitude! An extra maggot for their emotional trauma, sounds fair to me!

  3. Wow! Your daughter is practically a fishing expert. Look how comfortable she looks! I am not much for fishing but I had a great time watching my boys give it a try recently too.

  4. Brave girls! What a lot of fun for them. Every blessing and thanks for linking up with NOBH :)