Monday, 25 June 2012

Scouting activities

This past week the family had 6 days of scouting activities.  First we had my son's cub scout day camp and I volunteered to be a den leader for my son's age group.  My daughter was able to be a junior volunteer for the first time this year.
we worked on our sling shot skills

played baseball...YAY little man hit the ball!!!



gun skills

A talk from the firemen

a fire man demonstration.  UK fire hydrant is underground

lots of water

We arrived at high tide

Took the girls to the Sea life aquarium

Despite the cold the all went into the water. 

Played in the the sand

Took a ride on the Wash monster

Low tide, who would have thought we would be in jackets at the beach near the end of June

Rode the amusement rides

After six days of doing nothing but kids activities I took Sunday off and ignored the housework that has been neglected for the last 6 days, I figure one more day won't matter:)


  1. You would have to be exhausted on this one. I love all the adventures you have with your children. Nothing boring going on at your home.
    I had three boys and then three girls. I was a cub scout leader with all three boys. I was not as creative as you; but I loved the boys I was working with.
    Blessings for this one!

    1. You are so sweet I bet your boys had a blast when you were their leaders. When you are a mother you do whatever needs to be done to make sure your kids have the experience:)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you ignored the housework! The UK firemen suits are so different than the ones here! Who taught slingshot skills? If it was you, where did you learn your slingshot skills? I'm not too good with a slingshot myself. In the event of some major world catastrophe, they might be a pretty useful thing to have and know how to use (like starting a fire). You could use them for hunting and defense. I guess a gun or bow and arrows would be better, but slingshots can fit in an emergency backpack and you don't have to worry about your child accidentally shooting his sibling with one (intentionally shooting a sibling with one is a whole nother matter!).

    1. I didn't teach the sling shot they had someone who had undergone training to teach the archery, sling shot and guns. I am anti gun at home (no toy guns) so it is always interesting at boy scout camp to let my kids use the guns. I am very torn about it but the camp counselors do emphasize safety and not killing, kids can't even pretend to kill animals, which I like a lot:)

  3. This looks like so much fun and I love that Wash monster! I've never seen anything quite like that! :) Clicked a vote for you today! :)

  4. Looks like fun! And tiring. You deserved a day off! :-)

  5. As always, you are having lots of fun with your family! We have a Webelo II den here. Archery is always the highlight of the year. Never thought of doing slingshot skills with the boys--that would be fun!

    Wash Monster? Now I'm intrigued...

    I've been ignoring my housework all week, but company comes Friday so I guess I'd better get to it! :-)

  6. Let see- sling shots, shooting, aquariums, beach? Our lives sound a lot alike! :) So much fun.

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