Wednesday, 27 June 2012

M&M Candy Store

While on a trip into London with some friends we ran across the M & M store.  It was a fun store to visit!  Although I paid way to much for a bag of M &M's:(.
There were 4 floors of M&M's merchandise and candy. 

Kids walking with the M&M's

Walls of various kinds and colors of M&M's

The M&M factory filling special orders

A M&M machine telling you your M&M color for the day
Kids loading up on candy
Both my friend and I told the kids not to tell their fathers how much that candy cost!  Some things are best left unsaid.
M&M merchandise for every area of your life, clothes, kitchen, bathroom, living room, you name it

A M&M Swarovski crystal jacket for nearly 3000 pounds sterling...Anyone?

M&M decor every where
A fun store and glad we did it once, but I can honestly say we won't be going again as I will need to take out a second mortgage just to buy the M&M candy!


  1. It is a little weird that there is an M&M store in the UK, when I've never seen one in the U.S. (maybe I just don't get out enough). I know you can order specialty M&M's and maybe there are stores in bigger cities???? I mean, aren't M&M's American or am I confused? Now they make Cadbury here, so maybe the whole world is going topsy turvy. I'm glad you got the photo of the jacket! I have got to have one! I'll hop in my private jet and fly there right now! After all, it's only 3000 pounds and would go with absolutely everything! :-) I won't tell your hubby how much you spent, but what happens if he reads your blog?

    1. You would look good in that jacket;) Hubby reads the blog and already knows how much the candy cost, I don't keep secrets well. Doesn't help when the kids rush in the house and tell Daddy first thing:(. I remember doing that as a kid to my mother so I guess it is my turn now. That jacket is a one of a kind!!!

  2. What a unique store. It looks like an M&M museum. It would be fun just to wander through. My friend just returned from London. She was talking about how olympic t-shirt were on sale for 40 pounds. Wow! I think everything in London is expensive except for the museums.

    1. The Olympic stuff is crazy expensive right now, I am planning to buy some when it is all over:) It was fun to just wonder thru they had a wall of M&M history showing how the M&M had changed over the years that was fun to look at:)

  3. I never knew there was a special M&M store! Looks like fun! It's strange that the M&Ms are more expensive there...shouldn't they be giving away free samples so you'll buy the other merchandise?

    That is one fancy jacket, but I can't picture the occasion that calls for a crystal M&M jacket!

  4. Now that sounds like my idea of a field trip! ;)

  5. Wow!! A whole store- four stories none the less! I have never heard of such a thing. I wonder if there is one in the US. I admit it. I would go if there was one within driving distance. ;)

  6. Wow, that looks like such a fun store. I wish they had stores like that where I lived. My kids would love it!
    New follower from blog hop