Monday, 21 November 2011

Re-enactors market at TORM

This past weekend my family went to a reenactors market. This is the place to go if you are a history buff and and need to purchase "kit" in order to portray your character. There were market stalls going back from Greco-Roman times to the American West.

First stop was for my husband he wanted to find out how much it would cost to buy a longbow and arrows. He wants to learn how to use this weapon sometime in the future. Next stop my husband stopped and purchased his chain mail. He has been waiting 2 years to make this purchase and was super happy to finally own his own chain mail. Isn't this what every modern family needs!

Shoe stalls for all periods

Animal furs mostly sheep and goat. We even saw vellum (the ancient way of treating skin in order to write on it) for sale which was pretty neat to see. If we hadn't bought the chain mail I might have bought this to bring home and try it out;)

Lots of ancient games for sale.

Leather in every color imaginable

Don't want to make your own shield you can buy one:) And after having made one shield in the past we bought a second one:) (a Norman teardrop kite shield like the one in the middle).

Jewelry booth for every period, who knew that certain glass bead were acceptable for certain periods.


Pretty period dresses, this was styled after the Elizabethan period. Why couldn't my husband be interested in this period. I love this dress!!!

Animal horns which can be turned into cups, spoons, hair clips and so much more!

Wig and other hair pieces

Hat for every period and the styles were very interesting to say the least:0


iron cooking items for the fire

Weapons; there were some very scary looking pieces for sale.

We even saw the American West represent in at least 3 stalls. Although I have never seen a reenactment group here, I was told there are a few of them. I think that would be neat to see, going to have to look for one and attend a show:)

This was just a few of the stalls I believe their were almost 200 of them. It was so fun looking thru all the stalls and asking questions. My family walked away with wooden bowls, plates, spoons and horn drinking cups. We also bought chain mail and sheep skin. Somehow in the next few weeks I am suppose to figure out how to sew the sheep skin together and make a bag for the chain mail to be stored in. Skills every modern women needs these day, don't you think:)!

I am linking up to the Home school Field trip hop hope to see you there


  1. That looks awesome!! My husband would love that place - he is passionate about Celtic history and belonged to a celtic re-enactment group for many years, he can also fire a longbow!!

  2. That place looks amazing! I've always wondered where the reenactors get their supplies. Now I know! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. That is sooooo cool! Do they have those here? That dress is absolutely gorgeous! Of course, every modern family needs chain mail, I'm surprised you haven't invested in some good quality stuff yet. I mean, what will you do to properly protect yourself during a zombie invasion if you don't have any chain mail? FYI, it ideally should be made of plutonium... I do hope that you have at least stocked up on ray guns, else what sort of mother are you! :-)

  4. I am a new follower from the no ordinary blog hop blog hop :)
    I love your field trip idea!

  5. What a neat experience! Love the chain mail :)

  6. that place looks so awesome! What a great way to see how the times have changed in one little stop. I love Rein faires and have always wanted to dress up! Thanks for linking up to FTF!!