Monday, 26 September 2011

Mother and Daughter spa day

My daughter and I decided to have a Mother/Daughter day. While my husband and son were off camping with the BS, we spoiled ourselves with a movie night, dinner out, great conversation and and then the next day had mini facials and mani/pedi's. I believe this small experience has brought my self proclaimed tom boy over to the other side at least for a small moment.

Nail polish didn't last too long she has already picked the nail polish off on one finger because it feels funny:)!

Fantastic Mother daughter moment:)!

If you haven't heard about the Let's hit the road Field trip hop-- stop by and take a look at where home schoolers are going!


  1. I think ALL girls...and even boys...enjoy a bit of pampering now and again!

  2. I did that same things with my 3 daughers a few years a go. We had a pedicure and manicure and it was so much fun. I loved your activities.
    Keep enjoying those moments!

  3. Sweet and relaxing time for the two of you - What a nice treat! Found your blog through the HHH. Glad to meet you.

  4. Oh how awesome this looks!!! I'm so glad you took the time to do this with your daughter...
    You've inspired me to give it a try :)
    Her b-day is next week...

  5. Spa days are SO fun!! Between this and camping and all the cool field trips, I'm jealous!

  6. What a wonderful mother/daughter moment! Something to remember always. (Sometime I'll tell you about my daughter's and my only experience getting a pedi/mani.) =)

  7. This post was weird in my reader. It was there, then I went to comment and your blog kept saying it was gone and I never could get to it, except by coming to it from the Father/Son post. Weirdness! Anyway, I wish I could have joined you for this one, I need a spa day! You both look so relaxed!