Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Father and son camp out

While my daughter and I were enjoying the pampered life my husband and son were roughing it with the Boy Scouts for their fall camp out. This was Little man's first tent camping experience and he loved it!! I wasn't there for this camp out because I had a horrible camping experience years ago and it has scarred me for life. I love the outdoors but I am afraid I like a solid roof over my head! These pictures are the ones my husband took while on the trip. There were about 25 kids there, he says.

We don't own a tent so we rented one from the base.

Little Man helping to assemble the tent when all he really wanted to do was run around and play with the other boys.

Camp site

Little Man doing what he does best running and playing, and more running and playing!

My husband said he just watched Little Man whiz by most of the time.

Little man was so excited to be sleeping in a tent. My husband brought a air mattress for them to sleep on. Can you tell we are not people use to roughing it:)


The only picture my husband took of my son standing still!
Little Man came home and told me he loved his camping trip with "just me and my Dad" So cute and made my husband so happy that he almost forgot how cold it was sleeping in that tent!!

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  1. How cool!! Looks like they're enjoying themselves, especially the running and playing... :)

  2. I love camping! So glad that Little Man's first experience was so positive And with his Dad. Life couldn't be better!

  3. Poor you, had to suffer through a spa day and miss this! (dripping sarcasm) :-) I'm one of those "I love not camping" gals.