Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This last weekend we took a family trip to Shropshire as we had heard of several fun sites to visit to begin our history journey into the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution. I like to do a lot of hands on field trips with my children in addition to reading about different historical events as I believe this helps to bring history to life and make it more fun for them.

Our first stop was to visit the famous Ironbridge

This bridge has the recognition of being the first Iron bridge in the world built to advertise the skill of the iron workers and thus began the industrial revolution in England.

Built in 1779

At the base of the bridge

Everyone paid a toll to cross the bridge except one person. The man who ran the ferry boat that carried people across the Severn river was allowed to cross free of charge since the bridge put him out of business:)

Ironbridge Gorge was a beautiful town and as a family we enjoyed walking along the river

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  1. What a fabulous hands on way to study that era. It seems like you are taking full advantage of your location while teaching your children.

  2. You all go on the best field trips ever. I'm so impressed!

  3. I agree with your approach to learning as I favour that approach myself, although we haven't had as many trips out recently as I would have liked. These are lovely photo's and somewhere we would really like to visit too, looks like you all had a fantastic time :-)

  4. I swear it seems like you could go on one field trip a day in the UK and it would still take years to see all of the interesting sites!

  5. so many possibilities to study living somewhere else! How neat!!

  6. I've been to the Iron Bridge it is an amazing site. I actually used to have a mini iron bridge but it got broken : ( Great field trip!!! Brought back memories of when I was there in 99'

  7. What fun! they don't have anything like that here!