Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blists Hill Victorian Village

Continuing our visit to the the Shropshire area we went to Blists Hill Victorian town. This town reminded our family of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. The whole town is set up like it would have been in the Victorian era. There were costume actors throughout the town playing different parts. We were able to enter various building and get to see first hand how living was done back then.
Visiting the Victorian bank where we changed a little of our modern money for Victorian era coins. We learned that in these times there were at one time over 20 coins circulating!

Of course dressing up as in Victorian clothes was done:)

Visiting the grocer who told us some fascinating things. One I remember was how pouring milk in your cup before or after you pour your tea would be a clue as to what social status you came from! Poor people often had earthen ware and they needed to pour milk in their cups prior to the hot water to prevent the cup from breaking. Where as if you were wealthy you had china cups and didn't need to concern yourself with this so you poured your milk after the tea.

The Chemist which also is the Dentist. Some of those tools looked scary!

Leather shop

Foundry were we saw a little of how iron was made

The printer

Victorian Bobby (police man)

Here is the school teacher announcing school is to begin! We went to see what a Victorian class room would be like. Kids got to do lots of sample activities. After wards my daughter said she was glad I was her teacher and not him:) I think it was a compliment.

Squatter cottage

Wealthy home of a Town Doctor

Wood worker

Candle maker

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  1. what a neat little place! Thanks for linking up!

  2. fascinating adventure!
    i remember learning the tea/cream lesson too =)
    glad you stopped by for the ebks ~ just now have added a great Book Swap starting today as innovated by The Guardian... deets at FHC with links to The Guardian's pages !
    hoping you'll jump in with me =))and pass it on...

  3. Wow, that's very cool. We'll study the Victorians next year and it'll be interesting to have these living history lessons.

  4. I loved your adventure today and the history lesson. I enjoy all of your adventures and since we live a rather routine boring to some degree kind of life; with little travel; I love reading about your moments.
    Thanks and keep on enjoying your adventures!

  5. Hi Anna-Marie, I went to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia many years ago and enjoyed it very much! It's fun to step back in time and experience life.

  6. What an absolute blast! It's no wonder your daughter prefers your classes! Your classes are fascinating! Although I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of you in that teacher's outfit!

  7. Another great field trip! I've been very appreciative of modern dentistry and medicine ever since I started studying history with my kids and learned how they used to do things.

  8. You guys are always on such incredible ADVENTURES...I love catching a glimpse! :)