Monday, 16 May 2011

Where I have been!

It has been a crazy couple of days. Blogger went down for nearly 48 hours and a partial post that I had written and saved disappeared into the abyss. Very frustrating. Due to busy schedules I was unable to rewrite the post over the weekend.

Kids have finished their end of year testing. I use the CAT test from Seton. Although we school year round I do test the kids to get a feel for how we are doing in May. I use the summer to work on any weakness that come up with the testing.

My parents are arriving from the states in one week and we are very excited. I have been cleaning and sorting the house all weekend. The kids and I spent 2 hours sorting thru the toy room. We have a huge pile of toys to sell and/or donate. It was a challenge getting the kids to part with some toys like the fisher price little people toys. The kids really wanted to hang on to these but after much negotiation we have weeded out at least half of them.

I have also sorted and attempted to organize the school room. Unfortunately we don't have any storage pace so there is still too many books on the floor. But hopefully I have them in piles of like materials so I will be able to find resources more easily. Until we get a bigger house there is only so much I can do with this space.

Next on my list of things to do is sort thru my clothing and the children's clothing and try to organize drawer space. I hope to get this done this week.

This weekend my daughter had her bridging ceremony in Girl Scouts. She has moved up to the Junior level.

While there I was approach and asked to consider being the leader for her troop next year. I have been the assisted leader 2 years in a row for her troop. There was no junior troop this year because no one volunteered to lead the troop so unless someone else volunteers I will be trying to fit that into my already pack schedule.

Due to my parents arriving and visiting, my posts may be a bit sporadic over the next month but we have 2 amazing trips planned, one I have already mentioned, Normandy but the other one is a surprise:).

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  1. Can't wait to read about your adventures! Thanks for coming by my blog. Congrats to your daughter on bridging!

  2. It sounds like you have been busy! I know you will have a great time with your parents :) I look forward to reading about your trips! Congrats to Princess for her accomplishments! Clicked a vote for you!

  3. Hi Anna-Marie! I know what you mean about being super busy. I have been the same way over here. Blogging has become a little inconsistent for me as well. Congratulations to your daughter on moving up in the Girl Scouts. How exciting! What a great accomplishment. I can't wait to find out what your surprise trip is. How suspenseful, but fun! Have a great visit with your parents and a wonderful day!

  4. You are one busy lady. My daughter home-schools and I don't know how you all do that. have an awesome visit with your parents and I will look forward to reading your adventures when you have a moment. I remember when I was raising my children I was the Cub scout leader for each of my boys. It's fun; but I always had a hard time coming up with creative things to do; but I think you will do well in that area.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.
    Again, have fun and enjoy the moments!

  5. Hi Anna-Marie, what a great way to sort and declutter your house... having visitors!! That will always prompt me to do the same thing and I'm always so happy when it's done.

    My son will be crossing over soon from cub scouts to boy scouts and it is a big deal. Are you going to accept the Troop Leader position? This may sound naive but I didn't know that Girl Scouts was anywhere but America. Very cool!

  6. Hi Julie
    Thanks for stopping by and following:)

  7. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the votes. My husband and I are going away for a week just the two of us and I am so excited. My parents are staying with the kids so they will be fine:)

  8. Hi Kimberly,
    We leave Sunday for our trip and will be back the following Sunday so it won't be too long before I reveal our destination:)

  9. Thanks LeAnn,
    I don't mind helping with the troop but not really want to take on the whole responsibility as my time is so tight as it is. But when you have children you do what you have to do to make sure they have the experience.:)

  10. Hi Noreen,
    My daughter's troop is with the military base, but they do have them here in UK they are called girl guides. we do a few activities with them each year. Their uniforms are different but everything else appears the same as the US GS. Congrats on your son moving up in BS. My son is missing his BS move up ceremony as we will be away:(