Thursday, 12 May 2011

Horse back riding

My children have been taking riding lesson as an extra curricular activity. We are fortunate to live only a few miles from a equestrian center. Both children are learning to ride British style versus American riding. I never knew there was a difference:). Both are enjoying it.

Little Man was put on a larger pony for the first time this week and is learning how to ride without a lead. Can you see he look of concentration while trying to turn the horse:)! Due to Little Man's concentration it took several months before the instructor or I felt it was safe to take the horse off the lead.

Trotting on the horse without a lead. Little man is still getting the hang of trotting and controlling the horse at the same time. The instructor had to run beside him to make sure the horse stayed on course. It was rather funny to watch.

After 20 minutes of the lesson, Little Man announced loudly that he was sweating and working too hard:) He did manage to make it the last ten minutes and I am very proud of him for hanging in there.

Princess just moved up to her 3rd pony last week, with each horse getting bigger. This is Honey, she is a beautiful and gentle horse.

Since Honey is a much bigger horse Princes is still getting used to the difference in the horses strides. Here they are trotting.

Trying to cantor. Princess doesn't feel comfortable on Honey yet, as Honey's strides are much longer than the other 2 horses. But with practice I know she will get it.

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  1. My daughter did a lot of horse riding lessons, Western style (that's what I've always heard it called, but I guess the English like to call it American). I am uber allergic to horses, in fact just waiting in the parking lot for her would cause me to have bad allergies.

  2. How fun! Love these pics! Sounds like your kids are enjoying the lessons and those beautiful horses! My girls love horses, but have only been on a few of them. Have a blessed weekend! Clicked a vote for you!

  3. There is just something magical and wonderful about horses! Love the pics!


  4. I loved this post. That is so fun to have your children learn how to ride horses. My Dad was a farmer and I was around horses and learned how to ride a little bit; but I wish it had been more. The pictures were awesome. Fun post!!
    Blessing to you!

  5. Happy Sunday Anna-Marie! Stopping in to say HI and clicked a vote for you! :)

  6. I love horses and spent many summers going riding in the mountains. It is a wonderful outdoor activity. It also really builds up muscles you never knew you had. lol Thank you for sharing another wonderful outing. I have been voting for you. =)

  7. Hi Maureen,
    I believe Western riding is the correct term:) too bad about being allergic to horses that would be horrible.

  8. Hi Tracy
    Thanks for stopping by and voting. This kids love the riding lessons not sure if we will keep it up in the states, I guess it will depend on where we live.

  9. Hi Danielle
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  10. Hi LeAnn
    How fun to grow up on a farm. my daughter wants to be a farmer:) I tried horse riding when i was little but I never got over my fear of falling of a horse.

  11. Hi Lynda,
    It would be nice to go for rides in the countryside on a horse:) right now the children are stuck in a small horse ring.