Friday, 29 April 2011

Weekly Wrap up

I haven't done a weekly week up in ages and since we have begun some new studies I thought it was time to let you know what the kids and I are studying.

History: We have begun our WWII unit. We had a great field trip to Eden Camp which was a POW camp in York England. We are also working on creating our own Victory garden in our back yard. We have been reading lots of books such as Usbourne WWII, Hilter, Holocaust and Fiona Reynoldson's What families were like and The Home Front. We are focusing on the European campaign this time around. We are planning a trip to Normandy early June which we are all excited about.

Science: We are working on a Ocean unit. Again to kick off our studies we went on a field trip to the Deep. Right now I am having the kids use the Learning Pages Ocean unit. I have also downloaded several units from school express to aid us in this unit. I have promised the kids that we will be doing a fish dissection during this unit which they can't wait to do:) I am just waiting for the weather to warm up so it can be done outside:)

Writing and English: Little man has completed his writing spectrum book for 1st grade. We are continuing to work on letter formation to improve his printing. He is also working on identifying nouns and verbs. Princess is continuing to work on her writing spectrum book for 3rd grade. She is also working on learning cursive writing and doing very well. She has grasp the concept of subjects and predicts for her language arts program.

Math: Princes is continuing to learn her multiplication and division tables up to 12, she is doing very well. Little Man is continuing to work on adding and subtraction up to 20. He is struggling a bit and I need to work on making it more fun for him.

Music: We have really loved the Pianimals piano program and have gotten to book 4 in less than 6 months for both children. I have contacted a piano teacher and have decided to give this a try. I am so pleased that teacher was very impressed with the skills the children have demonstrated and reports my 6 year old is already about a year ahead of all her other 6 year old students. There are a few bad habits we need to work on in order to advance their piano skills even further. Needless to say my husband and I are very pleased. I will have no problem going back to this program should the piano lesson not work out.

Spanish: I am trying out a new program called Olivata Oink Barnyard. We have completed 4 lesson so far and I am pleased with the program. It includes 40 DVD lesson as well as follow up worksheets to reinforce the lesson. Since I don't speak any spanish I am learning along with the children which is always a plus!

Spelling: We are continuing with this program and love it. We however are not very consistent with it so not as far along as we should be but this is my fault.

Reading: My husband and I have gotten out of the habit of reading to the kids, however the kids are doing their own reading. Princess is reading the Narnia chronicles series. Little Man is reading short chapter books that I pick out for him. I am hoping to get him started on the Magic school bus chapter books soon. Right now his current favorite is Flat Stanley. I am hoping to get back into the habit of reading to the children at bedtime soon.

Physical Education: Both children are continuing their horse riding lessons as well as their swimming lessons.

Extra Curriculum activities: The kids are participating in Boy and Girl scouts weekly.

Art: I am afraid this has fallen behind recently, something I need to work on.

I am looking for suggestions for books for a 6 yo boy who is reading at a second grade level. If you have any suggestions please share.


  1. Great wrap up :) Have you tried Magic Tree House books yet for Little Man or is that too easy for him now? Just a thought. Clicked a fence vote for you for today ! Have a happy Friday!

  2. Great catch-up wrap-up! I was doing the same this time around. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks Tracy,
    we have magic house which my daughter loved my Little man not so much, I think he like comedy much more than magic:)

  4. Hi Jamie
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  5. Your week looks so full and busy. Great week!

  6. The WWII unit sounds interesting, especially the part about traveling to Normandy! Enjoy the fish dissection - good call on waiting until it can be done outside.

  7. Horses and swimming are top on my boys' list right now too! Your field trip looks fun. The aquarium is always such a magical place to visit. Great week!

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  9. Deleted my comment to due to crazy typos! I was just commenting that my daughter is an OT too. She just graduated in December and passed the boards in March. She is finally working at a skilled nursing facility. It seems like an interesting job.

  10. I have no book suggestions for you but looks like a good week!