Sunday, 1 May 2011

Their Release!

In early April, the kids scored a couple dozen frog eggs and we have been watching them transform before our eyes. Everyone in the family has enjoyed monitoring the changes every day. I thought I would share the changes that we have observed this month.

I made the mistake of bringing the eggs indoor and so they hatched very quickly. Should I do this again I will leave the eggs outside so they don't hatch so quickly.

Very tiny. Only 3 eggs did not hatched.

We counted 23 tadpoles. We feed them baby fish food.

Can you see the tiny back legs:)

Front legs now seen!

Beginning to look like a miniature frog. It was amazing to see that every tadpole had a different growth schedule. Next to the rock is a tadpole still with a long tail and only back legs.

Starting to climb up the bucket and trying to escape time to plan their release to the wild.

My husband and daughter prepared a mini frog habitat in our garden you can see the full post here, if you missed it:).

The kids released the tiny frogs into the miniature habitat.
It has been several days and we are continuing to check on the frogs progress.

Our neighbor requested a few frogs to add to her backyard pond and since we had so many we were glad to share.

Now I am waiting for the frogs to grow big enough to help with the slug and snail problem in our garden.


  1. So cool and such cute little frogs! It looks like fun and I'm glad so many are growing for you! Clicked a vote :) Have a blessed weekend! :)

  2. How fun! We are busy *raising* the tadpoles in our backyard pond. They are SO fun to watch!

  3. What a delightful project for your children.
    I truly love your adventures!
    Blessings to you!

  4. How neat on the frogs! We have a GAZILLION frogs here, but every spring we have trouble finding eggs! It's fun to watch them transform! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up!


  5. Wow--what a great project for the whole family!

    We have ONE tadpole from a mail-order science kit, and it refuses to change into a frog! We've had him/her since January!

  6. I love that you showed their growth all along the way.

  7. How fun! Many, many years ago my kids and their cousins found a ton of tadpoles in various stages of development at the edge of a pond where we were camping. They spent HOURS watching, catching, playing, and releasing them. :)

    How cool that you did that at home!

  8. Hi Tracy Thanks for all the voting you do for me:)

  9. Hi Lora
    thanks for stopping by and commenting. They are very neat to watch transform:)

  10. Hi LeAnn
    Thanks for your kind words, we try hard to making learning fun

  11. HI Jessy,
    This is the first year we have ever found eggs so we were quite excited to see the transformation. My daughter has been wanting to do this for several years. Now I can cross it off my list:)

  12. Hi Sparklee,
    LOL you made me chuckle I would begin to question they sent me a tadpole if it has been that long:) hang in there it can't stay a tadpole for ever

  13. Hi Crisc
    thanks for stopping by

  14. Hi Phyllis
    It was very fun to watch even my husband got in on checking the tadpoles every day:) He was glad when we finally released outside tho.:)

  15. Hi Elizabeth,
    We love to camp too, haven't done much of it here. We always seem to be too late to see the tadpoles when we did camp Thanks for commenting and stopping by to visit.

  16. Happy Monday! How are those frogs doing? :) Clicked a vote on the fence for you :) Have a blessed day!

  17. It's been so long since I did the tadpole-to-frog thing. Back when I was a kid. I need to do it with my daughters! We're raising butterflies right now. :)

  18. Very cool! Following you now from the "No Ordinary Blog Hop".

  19. I've always always wanted to do this...what a great experience for your kiddos!

  20. That is so cool! I'm definitely going to try that soon.