Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Valley Forge, PA and I am thankful for....

I am thankful for all the traveling my family and I are able to do. See the world, visit new people and learn about history. Join Linda, Tracey and I at No ordinary hop and post what you are thankful for the entire month of November! Just click on the button it will take you straight there:) We hope to see you there:)

Continuing our studies on the Revolutionary War, my parents and I took the children to see Valley Forge. It was a beautiful park and we learned so much. We found out that it was a relatively mild winter for the soldiers but it was so harsh because many of them did not have clothes or shoes. The soldiers arrived early Dec and constructed simple huts to keep them warm. There were 12 men to a hut and between one to two thousand huts were built. After the army left there wasn't a tree in sight for nearly five miles!

A reconstructed hut. There were several located throughout the park that you could explore.

enlisted cabin very sparse, 12 men to a cabin. Little Man checking out how comfortable the bed is.

Officer cabin had a lot more comforts and only 1 to 3 officers to a cabin

We also were able to tour General Washington's headquarters. One thing that I learned was that General Washington was not paid for his service during the Revolutionary War. He kept detail inventory of his expenditures and submitted them to congress but was not always reimbursed for his expenses.

This is general Washington personal flag and if you can tell it has stars with 6 points. This was the type of star he wanted on the US flag according to the park ranger.

Inside the house almost everything inside is a replicate

George and Martha bedroom. We were told Martha visited and stayed with George every winter during the war.

The park has a great visitor center with lots of exhibits, there is also a train station that has been converted into an additional information center. We had a great visit and feel like we have a better understanding what George Washington and his soliders experienced that winter.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We've been studying this and would love to get there some day.

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  2. what a great field trip! I'd love to go there.

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  4. Awesome trip! Loved showing this to my kids as a side lesson- since I doubt we will make it there while they are still school age. Glad I found you through the Hop today.

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  8. I would love to go there someday. Thanks for sharing! I am learning a lot from your blog. Thanks!

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